Police Blotter 07-19-2018

Monday, July 9

Caller on Crest Avenue states that his car keys were stolen from the ignition of his vehicle. Vehicle is parked right in front of the store. Reporter called back and stated that he found his keys.

Party on Cross Street believes that there is a man with two dogs running around the Belle Isle side of the cemetery. Unit states he drove down Cross through the cemetery and did not see any individual with two dogs. Nothing showing.

Individual came to the station to report that her landlord is harassing her and appears to be watching her. Party stated that she feels uncomfortable and unnerved. She was told we would put this on record for her and she was advised of her rights.

Caller on Harvard Street is a passerby and wants to remain anonymous. States there is an older white woman hanging off the roof and the passerby is concerned for her well-being. Apartment is unknown. All units off investigating. Units state there is a patio on the roof and no answer on call back from reporter. Nothing found at this time.

Party on Pleasant Street states that there is a white male, heavy-set, yelling at people and hitting cars. Unit states that the individual had a neighbor dispute over work done these past hours. Units advised the parties to contact them next time before an altercation happens to avoid confrontation with one another.


Tuesday, July 10

Off with Inspectional Services with an administrative warrant to enter premises on Cottage Avenue. Everything went well.

Alpha 1 called in to report a road rage incident in the center area and Winthrop Street. Party was advised and moved along.

Construction going on in the vicinity of Shirley Street. Unit arrived on the scene and everything appears to be quiet. Unit standing by in the area for further investigation.

Caller on Summit Avenue is a third party and states that her friend called her and told her she is being hit by her husband Caller is worried about her. Weapons unknown. Units arrived on the scene and the husband was just pulling up to the house. Phone call appears to be a misunderstanding. The argument was only verbal in nature. All parties were advised of their rights and peace was restored.

Caller on Pleasant Street state that an individual assaulted her and left the scene. Party stated that a house on Pleasant Street was condemned yesterday and there are people back living in it tonight. There is a call in the system for yesterday for people being removed. Officer spoke to the party on the second floor and it was a contractor cleaning the place for the next tenant coming in. The calling party was reported to be the involved party that was asked to leave yesterday. The first floor of that building is confirmed to be condemned.


Wednesday, July 11

Caller on Bellevue Avenue speaking in code states he needs police. Weapons unknown. Units report door was open and units made entry into the home. 91 reports both parties declined medical aid. 93 requested a taxi and one was dispatched. Units report the party went back into the address on his own to await the taxi.

Party on Winthrop Street states a tree looks like it is on a wire, but not sure tree might have fallen down from lightning last night. Down tree blocking entrance at Fisherman’s Den at the reservation area blocking walkway. DPW was notified.

Male party with mental health disabilities living on Veterans Road. Social Worker from North Suffolk Mental Health called in to state that the party on the scene is refusing to open the door for this party. Worker can hear yelling and screaming inside the home. Unknown weapons. Individual is perfectly fine. A disagreement with the staff. Care taker is on the scene.

Assist fire with traffic control on Shirley Street. 93 reports G&J on the scene. G&J driver reports that there is previous damage to the vehicle from a previous tow. Units clear. One car towed to G&J Towing.

Suspicious vehicle has been in the area since last week on Revere Street. It is back again today just looking up into store sign. Last week two white males entered and stated they were from Verizon with no visible identification. Units clear, advised the caller what to do if the male parties return. Units off on Maryland Avenue attempting to make contact with the vehicle owner. Sierra 4 reports no contact made. No one home. Sierra 4 also stated he will reach out to the party and attempt to get his side of the story.

Some sort of “treasure chest” washed up on Shore Drive. Harbormaster was on scene earlier for other items that had washed up and may be related. Party is very concerned. State notified. Items have been there for a few days.

Caller on Pleasant Street states it was a 911 hangup. Party had an assault yesterday and also had issues with the custody of her kids. Party has a lengthy BOP. Units clear, gained access into the home. No one home. 92 called the female from her cell. All is well and she is at McDonald’s with her mom and the kids.

Party would like a well-being on her mother on Palmyra Street. Party was upset that her husband was not home. She is calm, fine and has food.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states that her tenant is smoking cigarettes and marijuana and he is not supposed to. Caller states that she asked him to leave and he refuses. Spoke to the landlord and it is a civil matter. Nothing in the agreement other than a sign on the door that says oxygen in use, no smoking. Caller was advised of the court/eviction process and she will start that tomorrow.

Party on Shirley Street states that her neighbor is using bad words towards her. It was verbal only. Parties were advised. Peace was restored.

Caller on Shirley Street stated that her friend is not answering her calls. She went to her apartment and she is not answering the door. 92 requests fire be sent with EMS. Possible forced entry. Fan is on, TV is also on. No answer at the door. Fire and EMS on the scene and are going to use forced entry. 92 reports units are in the unit and have made contact with the female party. EMS is evaluating her. Female declined medical aid with EMS.

Caller states that she saw unknown people in her mother’s house on Irwin Street. Says she saw someone the basement. Unit reports that he spoke to the caller and stated that there has been past break-ins. The downstairs basement has been locked and no one can get in. Building has also been checked and secured.


Thursday, July 12

Unit off to check parking conditions on Tafts Avenue. 92 reports four motor vehicles on the Winthrop side have been tagged. State Police notified to have a unit go down Tafts Avenue and tag the vehicles on their side and Deer Island as well.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that there are multiple people outside being very loud. Unit reports he spoke with the party and the party will go in for the night.

Report of a baby seal on Yirrell Beach who is still alive. ACO notified. ACO called the aquarium and is awaiting a call back from them. Aquarium on the scene and has taken custody of the seal.

Caller on Palmyra Street states that she is concerned for her neighbor’s well-being. She states she has voicemails from neighbor making statements. Caller states that she spoke to neighbor about 20 minutes ago and she was frantic. 93 going to speak with the calling party. Neighbor transported to MGH.

Called in by WFD; across the street from the station on Shirley Street, a car alarm has been going off all morning. Same car as yesterday. 91 stated that the alarm has stopped.

Report of four black males acting suspiciously on Jefferson Street. They are looking into windows.

Male party from Buffalo, N.Y. stated that his friend on Mermaid Avenue needs assistance. Unit checked the party and they are fine. Involved party has never met the reporter and the situation appears to be harassing phone calls. Reporter calls from multiple numbers and keeps calling her. Involved party has contacted the police from the reporter’s place of residence and they are aware of the situation. Unit clear.

Female party came into the store to buy alcohol on Winthrop Street. The card was declined. Female party left the liquor store with the bottle of liquor. She is in her late 50s and walking down Revere Street. She left her card at the liquor store. The owner also has video footage of the party. Units in the are including 92 and 94. Liquor was valued at $12.50. The person’s name on the credit card picture does not appear to match the surveillance. Saugus PD will be notified about the incident. The liquor store down the street was made aware of thesis in case further incidents occur.

Party on Pond Street states there is multiple people in the car port that are being very suspicious. Upon dispatching, the car sped out of the lot.

Caller on Kennedy Road stated that she hears someone making noises outside her house. The caller feels she is being harassed by her neighbor. Her neighbors are not home at this time. She was told to contact management. This is an ongoing issue.


Friday, July 11

Units are off doing a search warrant on Winthrop Street.

Call came in around 11 p.m. on July 12 from Winthrop Street. Caller states that they found a lost dog around Amelia Avenue. Checked the animal book and there are no calls on the dog fitting description this month.  Caller states they will be taking the dog home and are more than happy to hold on to it if needed. Spoke to the Winthrop OIC and he stated wait until the morning when the Winthrop ACO is available. Another caller called in to state that they lost a dog that matched the description. Notified the original caller and said that the owners can come by to pick up the dog. All ended well.

Chelsea dispatch called requesting WPD to assist Chelsea PD with a possible domestic. No other information at this time. Chelsea stated that the Chelsea officer is on the phone with the Winthrop OIC to give further details. Unknown weapons. Charlie 1 updating the units. 91 and K9 clear. Chelsea has the individual from Edgehill Road.

Party from Pleasant Street came in to report a past domestic assault. She was advised of her rights.

Caller states that there are people at the gazebo at Ingleside Park being loud. This has been going on for a couple of hours. There is an event going on and the police are on the scene.

Party on Charles Street is taking the orange barrels and blocking the street off. Unit stated he spoke with the male party and he said he was not the one who put the barrels out. Claimed it was a couple of kids. All seems well with the male party.

Male party on Revere Street has two pitbulls and they started barking at female. She wants an officer to speak with the male party. Units spoke to the reporter and units will be in the area looking for the male.


Saturday, July 14

Caller on Bowdoin Street states vandalism to daughter’s vehicle. Driver side rear window broke. They were advised to report the damage to their insurance company.

Winthrop ALC1 and harbormaster found abandoned boat with several beer cans and trash. ALC1 will attempt to locate owner to see if boat broke down. Harbormaster will notify environmental police.

Lynn PD has questions on a motor vehicle that has been parked for several days. They want the owner from Governors Park to contact Lynn PD. No answer at the door. Name on the mailbox is different that the one given to search for.

In the rear of CVS up against the fence in the parking lot there are two wheelchairs. Unit checked the area. Two wheel chairs are there but nothing out of the ordinary. Units cleared.

Caller on Sewall Avenue states there is a motor vehicle with a male driver with a young child sitting on his lap. Unit spoke to the owner of the vehicle. Party stated he was not driving with the child on his lap. He was advised to not do it again if he was. Unit checked on child and everything is okay.

Caller report loud music in the area of Shirley Street. Party has been located and they will lower the music.

Unit off with vehicle at Hannaford Park and advised that the park is closed. The vehicle has let for the night.

Calling party on Dolphin Avenue states that a grown man is yelling at a child. She saw them through the window. An argument between father and son over something the son did today. Peace was restored.

Party on Pleasant Street states that two vehicles have been loitering for about 10 minutes. They have just been sitting there and stated that they look suspicious. Units spoke with the parties and they have been moved.

Loud music reported on Shirley Street. Officers spoke with the owner of the business who will shut the music down for the night.


Sunday, July 15

Caller on Winthrop Street reports there is a loud party going on. Units spoke to the residents who will shut the music down for the night. Peace was restored.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports needing assistance with an open sewer cover. K9 reports the resident dropped her phone down the sewer. She was advised to call DPW during business hours to see if they can assist her.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that his neighbor was mowing the lawn at 6:15 a.m. He believes it may be retribution for him calling the police last night for their loud party. Caller did not want an officer to go by but wanted this noted.

Assisted fire with traffic control on Deane Avenue. Units clear, services rendered.

Caller on Main Street reports that there is a white male who seems very drunk. Party can barely stand. He is on the curb in front of the gas station. Units clear, searched the area and unable to locate the male party.

Unattended backpack found on Tafts Avenue. State also notified. Officers located the bag and contents seemed to be just trash.

Cumberland Farms manager wants a white male removed from the store. Courtesy ride given to individual to East Boston bridge.

Caller on Russell Street states that her neighbor is screaming at kids in the neighborhood. She is acting very suspiciously/weird, possibly under the influence. Units clear, peace restored. All parties advised of their rights.

Caller on Russell Street states that about four people are outside her house yelling at her and she wants an officer to respond back. Units clear, all parties advised. Peace restored.

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