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Dear Editor:

I read with interest the recent letter to the editor titled “Better Buses and Bikes For Winthrop.”  I agree that the introduction of Lime Bikes to the streets of Winthrop is a transportation move in the right direction. For example, the more people we get running errands and commuting on bikes the less traffic issues we will suffer in and around Winthrop—not to mention the health benefits.   However, the writer failed to identify a significant problem—safety.  I have been commuting from Winthrop to my job at MIT by bike for several years and the most dangerous part of my trip—what I dread the most—is safely navigating myself out of Winthrop.  Why?  There are no bike lanes, no designated bike symbols on the road, not even any signs urging motorists to watch out for bikes.  All of these aforementioned items are immediately present when you cross the bridge from Winthrop into East Boston.  Without a doubt the most dangerous intersection for a bike rider is that of Main Street and 145.  It is a place where I have, on several occasions, been yelled and cursed at by motorists mostly telling me I should be on a sidewalk.  Therefore, I strongly urge that Winthrop consider following the lead of Boston and Cambridge with enacting more safety measures like designated lanes and signs before someone get seriously hurt on one of these colorful green bikes that have sprouted throughout our town.

Gary Schoales 

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