Police Blotter 08-30-2012

Monday, August 20

A shirt was found at the First Church United Methodist. Party may be living on church property. Officer searched the property unable to locate anyone. Party identified and was transported to hospital last night. Property put in bag at dispatch room.

Party reports that the old Winthrop Hospital was vandalized over the weekend.

Report of a male struck by a motor vehicle on Centre Street. WFD notified.

Party requesting the police for a past assault and battery on Revere Street. 98 reports suspect threatened to damage his property.

Revere PD called to report a party wanted for domestic in their jurisdiction, may be working for unknown landscaping company in Winthrop. He is described as a 6’2” black Hispanic male.

Caller from Winthrop Market reports a car threw pizza out the window. Unit reports locating the driver at her house and the elderly female stated that she was driving by at the time but it was another vehicle with two males in it that threw the pizza out the window.

Wife on Douglas Street called and she wants her husband to leave. Officer reports a verbal argument. All parties told to stay away from each other and all rights given.

Tuesday, August 21

Caller reports kids in three cars dumping trash at the Public Landing. Officer had them police the area and told them if it continued, they would not be able to hang out at the Landing. They understand.

Report of a woman down on the street at Hawthorn Avenue. WFD notified. Officer reports 62 year old female to MGH.

Caller reports a tree has fallen on Court road. DPW notified. Officer reports tree missed all property. No damage and street is open.

Party reports a baby raccoon in distress at the entrance way to Tony’s Cleaners. ACO notified and will respond.

Male came in to report being the victim of fraud while traveling abroad in Vietnam. The fraudulent transactions were for approximately $152.35 from his VISA card. He will follow up with the bank.

Caller reports she heard 20 gun shots coming from Golf Club area. She is calling from the area of the Winthrop Elks. Officer was in the area, heard nothing, found nothing.

Someone called to report that someone tried to gain entry to his home at Governors Drive, damaging his door. No entry was gained.

Party reports female on hood of motor vehicle at Energy To Go, screaming at the driver. Officers report no one on scene upon their arrival. Teen female located on Payson. Reports her verbal argument with ex-boyfriend, no abuse. Ex left the scene prior to our arrival.

Caller reports a fight on Pleasant Street. Officer respond and report four girls were looking for a lost phone when residents starting yelling at them for being on their front lawn. Phone found and girls left the area.

Wednesday, August 22

911 transferred to fire, Woman called from Kennedy Drive to report that her sister had slit her wrists. Fire, Action, units report female to Whidden.

Officer will try to serve male on Washington Avenue a 209A issued by the Peabody Court. He reports no one home at this time.

Party on Main Street reports that an employee failed an alcohol test and is operating a Honda impaired. Caller then called back to give the vehicle’s plate number. All units BOLO. W91 and Det. Perrin report speaking with the alleged operator at her home, appears fine, and reports she is having problems with work and her supervisor.

Manager of CVS reports minors shoplifting. W92 reports transporting two juveniles to the station and contacting their respective parents.

Mental health worker requests well being check on female patient on Upland Road. She has not heard from her in days. Dispatch log reveals that party had been transported to Whidden for a medical aid late on Sunday evening. Party also listed as a victim in a domestic assault and battery earlier in the month. Given the history of calls with this individual, fire contacted to assist in forced entry to check on health and safety. House clear.

Woman reports a vehicle on Pleasant Street with an Asian couple in it, bothered her and her girlfriend while walking home. All units BOLO.

Thursday, August 23

Someone came to the station to drop off paperwork regarding an eviction taking place on Seymour Street.

Officer will again try to serve male on Washington Avenue a 209A issued by the Peabody Court. Officer reports no one home.

Officers report checking out a group at Hannaford Park. Narcotics found on one of the individuals.

Many calls of a water leak near Yirrell Beach. Steve Calla notified. Numerous calls on the regular line and the E911 reporting no water. Lt. Scarpa spoke with Fire Chief Flanagan regarding a reverse notification to the residents as the many calls are tying up our telephone lines.

Officer DeFraitas will try to serve male on Revere Street an harassment order issued by the EB Court. He reports male was served in hand.

Landlord reports her male boarder (student) was assaulted by a male who made an unlawful entry on Locust Street.

Father on Wilshire Street reports  his daughter’s boyfriend is there beating the daughter up on the third floor. Officers request fire to respond. Fire notified. One female transported and one male left the area. Parties blame third parties for disturbance.

Lost wallet reported around Winthrop Market Place. Contained ID cards, work license, driver’s license, three credit cards, $35 in cash. All credit cards notified. Card was used by a female at Cumberland Farms. Manager called and has a video for officers for a review. Party (suspect) is a frequent customer at Cumberland. Party who lost wallet went by the 7-11 and found her wallet minus cards and license in trash.

Friday, August 24

Probation Department faxed over a warrant on male. Due to caution advisory regarding possible house guest on Faun Bar Avenue who also has outstanding warrants. Was informed to use extreme caution on this address due to information occupant has automatic weapons. More officers to be requested to serve warrant. With assistance of SP Warrant Apprehension Team, Lt. Det. Perrin and Det. Callinan took male into custody at residence. Transported by W91 Freeman. Father/owner of home provided consent for search of home. Negative results.

Son called from Governors Drive and stated that he has found his mother on the bathroom floor and doesn’t think she is breathing. WFD and ambulance notified. Officer reports the female was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Mother on Revere Street called to report her son is detoxing and acting up. Units report voluntary transport to Whidden.

Abandoned call on Pauline Street. Two call backs, no answer. W94 reports verbal disagreement between boyfriend/girlfriend. Girlfriend had left the scene prior to arrival. Officer found the girlfriend and spoke to her. She gave a different story, but all has been settled. She was asked if she would like a 209A served and stated “No”.

Woman from the cake store across the street from the station came in to report that a giant flame shot into the air from the police sign in front of the station. The sign now is burned. Fire notified and Capt. Wiley and Firefighter Giosa responded to insure no power was going to the sign. Building manager was notified.

Female on Neptune Avenue reports she just came home with her nephew and their apartment has been broken into by someone removing the air conditioner from her nephew’s bedroom window. W91 officer Freeman and W91 Det. Racow responded.

Female came to the station to report earlier today on Shirley Street she was threatened by a former friend of hers. During the past year she reports that she has been threatened on Facebook. Approximately a year ago, she reports she was physically attacked by her former friend on  Shore Drive. Today’s incident happened in the presence of another friend from Melrose. She was advised of her rights to seek a harassment order. A complaint will be sought if there are any more incidents. We were unable to contact the former friend at this time.

Saturday, August 25

Lt. Scarpa reports a large disorderly group in the area of Payson Street. W91 and W100 returned to town from previous call and responded and report a group  of four just left. They were talking loud as they were walking down the street. They quieted down.

Caller from Ocean View Street reports her baby’s father may leave their kids two and four years old, at her house, alone. She is just 15 minutes away. 92 reports mother came home. Kids turned over to her. All rights given.

911 abandoned call. On the call back, party stated that his mother is “hammered”. When asked if there was a dispute or if medical attention was needed, he stated no. 93 dispatched to assess the situation. Officer reports female is having difficulty breathing. WFD notified and will respond. Female party transported to BMC.

Detail officer reports someone dumped two trash barrels into the water on the Winthrop side of the bridge near Dunkin Donuts. Lt. DeLeo states that he will speak to MIG on Monday morning.

Caller from Hutchinson Street reports dog barking for several days on and off. W93 Grimes responded and reports a dog inside apartment. First floor tenant let officer in to check the apartment which revealed the dog had been left alone. The owners went away and he will look after the dog. ACO notified and will follow up tomorrow.

Sunday, August 26

Caller reports a male acting strange on the beach at Beacon Circle. Units dispatched to check the area and report locating a male who appears to be confused. WFD notified for evaluation. Male transported to Whidden for evaluation.

Caller reports that a group has been on the beach since 9 p.m. on Shirley Street and they have started a fire which is causing smoke to come into her house. Units were tied up on previous calls and are now responding. Officers had fire put out and group dispersed.

W91, W93 off with a group in Hannaford Park. Officers checked parties out and sent them out of the area for the night.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue came into lobby asking about a 209A. Only gave her first name and explained an issue with her ex. She was advised of her rights. She stated she did not want charges and did not want him in trouble. No evidence of a domestic or a crime. She was advised of her 209A rights and she stated she would go to court in the morning if she wanted one at that time.

Male called from Laundromat on Shirley Street and stated he was assaulted. Units report no assault. Parties given their rights and sent on their way.

Party reports finding a small fire on his front steps on Winthrop Street. He extinguished the fire which had damaged two of the steps. He is unsure if it was intentional or accidental. He would like this noted for insurance purposes and asks that we make checks of the neighbourhood.

Units report clearing approximately 25 partiers from apartment on Trident Avenue and ascertaining the tenants information as well as the landlords. Message left for the landlord by  Off. Callinan.

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