Miller Field Nears Completion

In the most recent Miller Field Committee meeting, Co-Chair Jim Letterie, applauded the students from the Northeast Metro Tech High School in Wakefield, for a job well done.

“We couldn’t be happier with what the kids from the vocational school did for us this year on the field house,” said Letterie. “They ended up doing much more than we had scoped them out to do.”

The project, which was started in the spring of 2017, is 95% complete. The remaining work includes outfitting the concession area with equipment and tables, small adjustments to the locker rooms, minor fence work and the replacement of a utility shed. The bathrooms have been completed and all electric work and the placement of windows and doors is done.

Students from Northeast Metro Tech drafted the original plans for the building and completed the framing, electrical plumbing, HVAC, and metal work, under the supervision of their licensed teachers.

According to Letterie, the one major task left is to replace the golf course’s 4500 square foot utility shed that was taken down to make room for the project. During the building phase, multiple storage containers were used to store items. The committee will replace the shed with a 3700 square foot metal building and will complete the foundation, water source and electricity. Another project in the works will be the addition of a 90 x 50 foot dog park that will be on the Miller Field footprint, alongside Veterans Road. The park, which will be located in the space where Miller Field meets the golf course, will include a fence surrounding the area with a shaded area, a water source, and a divider to separate small and large dogs.

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