CPYC Shifts Gears to Fundraising for Residents in Need

Members of the Cottage Park Yacht Club (CPYC) stepped up in the midst of the pandemic crisis and focused their energy on raising funds to feed those in need. In years past, the CPYC has centered their fundraising efforts on the annual regatta to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation, however; with the uncertainty of permitted future gatherings, they opted to keep it local and socially distanced. As a result, The CPYC Cares Donation Drive was started as a way to donate to Mi-Amore and the Winthrop Food Pantry.

Food that has been collected by the CPYC Food Drive.

“We held our 25th annual Regatta to benefit Make-a-Wish last August, which is typically our biggest fundraiser, but with the uncertainty of future events, the Board of Directors recently decided that we should try to do something to help out the local food pantries,” said Commodore of CPYC, Peter Towner. “We had donated to Mi-Amore in the past, usually following functions and parties where we had leftover food, but this was the first organized drive specifically to benefit Winthrop residents who are experiencing food insecurity.”

On Saturday, Towner and board members dropped off just over $6,000 in cash, checks and gift cards to Mi-Amore, and on Monday they dropped off 350 pounds of food and paper products to the Winthrop Food Pantry at the Arthur T. Cummings School. Members were also encouraged to donate on the Mi-Amore site at: https://www.mi-amore.org/

“While we know that it is difficult to ask for people to donate during a time where nobody knows what the short or long-term economic future holds, our membership answered the call.”

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