Letter to the Editor

Role of Government Post Covid 19

Dear Editor,

While we shelter in place it is imperative to start planning a pathway out of this shutdown. Shutting down the American economy has consequences. The consequences have fallen on businesses and citizens working in the private sector.  26,000,000 Americans are now without jobs and income. So what will the private sector look like post Covid19? Sadly, many businesses will not survive and with those businesses go the jobs.

It is the private sector that produces and creates everything. The private sector IS the economy. Most small businesses and most people struggle to survive even during good times. Government has a responsibility to these citizens and businesses.

Question: What can government do to mitigate this economic torture and ensure the best economic recovery? 

Answer: Downsize government. 

Downside local, state and federal government in both size and spending by 20-25 percent. All government has grown exponentially in the proceeding decades, and governments’ size and scope is now a detriment to economic survival. All levels of government should be implementing a reduction of the burden on the private sector. Government reductions should at least be commensurate to the reduction in the private sector.

Reduce government from the top of the “food chart” to start. Those positions with incredulously high salaries and dubious job titles which are not imperative should be eliminated. Those public employees performing true services to keep our government running are obvious to most and valuable. These employees fix the roads, they assist our citizens and their work is both visible and important. 

Give us small responsive government again. A true government of the people by the people will do what is in the best interest of our citizens. Let us all get back to work together to rebuild America.

Paul Caruccio

Chairman Winthrop Republican Town


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