Winthrop Foundation Releases Statement

In response to the Coronavirus crisis, the Winthrop Foundation, consisting of chair, Russ Sanford, secretary Vinnie Crossman, and treasurer Jeffrey Turco, and trustees Terence Delehanty, Brian Leslie, Gus Martucci, and Vasili Mallios, has released the following statement:

Although the Winthrop  Foundation has  not officially launched its website or  not accepting   applications for grants at this time, we realize the extraordinary circumstances that’s surround our town.   That being said members of the board of trustees have been meeting remotely and have been in contact  with organizations  such as The Winthrop Food Pantry, Mi Amore, and other  appropriate 501(c)(3) organizations to deal with immediate needs of the crisis before us.  Our trusties have conveyed to these organizations that when the time is right for them, we are here to act with a rapid response to their needs and those of the people of Winthrop.  We will stand strong as a community and support one another as we move to defeat this pandemic.

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