Alicia DelVento Impressive as MC at the breakfast

Alicia DelVento made an impressive debut as the master of ceremonies at Speaker Robert DeLeo’s 2020 Re-Election Campaign Kickoff Breakfast Sunday at the Lodge of Elks.

DelVento, graduate of Winthrop High School and UNH with a degree in Health Management and Policy, displayed poise and confidence in delivering her remarks and introducing public officials before the capacity crowd in the hall.

“The Speaker asked me if I’d like to be the master of ceremonies and of course I said, ‘yes,’ – I’ve always been a big supporter,” said the dynamic 25-year-old Winthrop resident. “He’s always been a good supporter of mine and encouraging me in my public service.”

Alicia’s mother, Cathy DelVento, was Mr. DeLeo’s legislative aide when he was first elected to the House of Representatives. Alicia’s father, Nick, is a former Winthrop town councillor.

Alicia is a Democratic State Committeewoman for the Senatorial District that includes Winthrop. She works as a communications and policy aide to State Rep. Danielle Gregoire at the State House.

DelVento said that she is supporting Sen. Edward J. Markey in his bid for re-election. “I’m 100 percent with Ed Markey,” said DelVento. “He’s been a friend to Winthrop and Revere, especially with the changing climate and how hard it’s hitting Winthrop. He has been a fierce champion for the people of our state, and especially for Winthrop and Revere.”

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