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Georgeane Tacelli Coleman has been described by some as the exact name of one of the many yoga poses that she teaches…a peaceful warrior. By others, she is described as the light in a dark room, accepting of everyone in her path. As the Founder of “In the Moment Yoga,” Coleman has become a staple in the community and has built a reputation for helping others find peace physically and spiritually.

It all started in the early 2000s, when Coleman partnered up with her sisters, Richelle and Martine. The trio began offering wellness retreats, with the hopes of helping women reconnect with themselves, and detach from their busy schedules, stressful jobs, and the hamster wheel of the daily routine. During this time, Coleman was working a corporate job and in the beginning stages of raising a family and knew firsthand how stressful daily life could be for women of all backgrounds. Well aware of her love for the practice of yoga, Coleman became certified to teach, left her job in Corporate America, and began to pursue what would become a permanent fixture in her life…sharing her love of yoga with others.

In 2008, Coleman founded “In the Moment Yoga” and spread her wings in the yoga and fitness industry. Since then, her resume of classes include hot yoga, all levels yoga and Vinyasa yoga at a variety of different fitness facilities, including Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Studio, RPM Fitness, and the East Boston YMCA. Standing by her belief that yoga is beneficial in both mind and body, she also offers private and semi-private lessons as well as yoga therapy for individuals experiencing high stress, anxiety or depression.

“Yoga is a means to self-discovery and growth, and to me, bears endless gifts. I love that there exists this evolution of growth within and that we never stop learning, thus the name “practice.”  I also love that it is for everyone…..whether drawn to the physical practice, the restorative elements, the spiritual components and even the silence, yoga is all encompassing and all- welcoming.”

If you’ve ever walked by Hannaford Park during the early morning hours of the warmer months, you’ve likely run into a group of yogis following Coleman’s lead in a Sunrise Yoga session.

“There is something magical about practicing yoga in a natural setting where you can connect with elements like the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, and breathe fresh air,” said Coleman. “I’ve always subscribed to a strong belief in living in accordance with nature’s rhythms. Another favorite of mine are the four, two-hour classes that I hold annually in honor of the seasonal changes.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring people together to celebrate these powerful times of the year.”

To add to her noteworthy experience, Coleman has also shared her expertise with the Survivors by the Sea (SBTS). After losing a close friend to breast cancer at a young age, she helped launch one of the first pilot fitness training programs for breast cancer survivors.

“The Survivors by the Sea hold a very special place in my heart. They’re an incredible team of warriors spreading pure goodness and assistance to anyone in need. They are at the ready to provide medical advice, moral support, friendship, prayers, and honestly, anything else. They really have made such a remarkable difference in the quality of life for so many people going through tough times.  I’ve made some wonderful friends at SBTS and thoroughly enjoy partnering with them in any way that I can, be it individual or for greater causes.”

When asked what she loves about the Town of Winthrop, Coleman mentions the hidden gem aspect, and after talking to her many practicing yogis and friends, it’s agreed that Coleman is a hidden gem herself.

“Georgeane is passionate about teaching yoga, she is driven and gentle, she works with the needs of her class and not for herself, she is very unselfish and giving, her voice is soothing but powerful, she is in complete control without appearing to be,” said yoga client and friend, Kathy Trainor.

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