Local Fire, Police Respond to Storm Related Incidents

The Winthrop Fire and Police departments actively engaged in clean-up and restoration efforts last Thursday, despite the challenges of the gusty 80 miles-per-hour winds and heavy rains that were generated by a coastal storm.

Fire Chief Paul Flanagan reported that his department reported that at the height of the storm there were 1,351 customers were without power in Winthrop, representing 17 percent of the town.

“The power was out for several hours,” said Flanagan. “The businesses on Woodside Avenue and the Winthrop Marketplace were severely impacted.”

At 3 a.m. last Thursday, the calls began coming in to the Fire Department for downed trees and power lines.

“By 3:30 a.m., Winthrop Fire and Police were busy and all the Public Works employees were ordered in to assist in opening up the roads,” said Flanagan. “We had multiple roads blocked, with trees down and numerous power lines entangled in the trees.”

The DPW worked throughout the day and  into the evening clearing branches and large tree trunks from roadways.

Flanagan said the town tree stock, following Thursday’s storm and micro-burst weather event a couple of months ago “have really taken a major hit.”

All told, Winthrop firefighters responded to 43 calls for trees and wires down during the height of the storm and 26 additional calls for low-hanging wires and other collateral damage from the storm. Some houses suffered damage to roof shingles and vinyl sidings throughout the town. Several boats broke loose from their moorings and ended up on Massport property, according to Flanagan.

The Winthrop Police assisted the Fire Department with securing the roads and sites until the arrival of electrical repair crews.

“A couple of days later the sun came out and things looked okay,” said Flanagan, reflecting on two very busy and hectic days in the town as a result of Mother Nature unleashing a double dose of rain and wind.

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