Student Highlight : Patrick Haskell Is Prepped for Senior Year

Patrick Haskell is heading into his senior year with a full schedule. In addition to being President of the Winthrop High School Student Council, Haskell runs cross-country and indoor and outdoor track. He is a dedicated member of the Drama Society, and is currently a featured dancer in the show, “Anything Goes.” Haskell’s long list of activities hasn’t prevented him from excelling in the classroom, as he is a member of the National Honor Society. His one true passion is dancing, and he loves being part of the dinner theater performances, where he gets to act, dance, and sing.

Patrick Haskell.

Is Your Summer Just as Busy as the School Year?

This summer, I am a Park Counselor at Winthrop Parks and Recreation. I worked at this program last year and plan to continue next summer as well. I enjoy working with children and teaching them something new every day. Parks and Recreation has something new planned every week. Every day is something different and exciting whether it be a theme day or a field trip, there is never a dull moment.

What is Your Favorite Subject?

My favorite subject is biology. This past school year I had the pleasure of taking advanced placement biology where I was able to further my education and spark my passion working in the medical field when I grow up.

Any College/Career Goals?

I hope to go to college at the University of California, Los Angeles and study biomedical engineering. Entering my senior year, I have done lots of college research and when I came across UCLA, I knew it was the school for me. I wanted to be at a big school far from home and California seemed like the perfect setting.

Who is Your Role Model?

As soon as I saw this question there was no hesitating before I thought of my father. My father is an extremely hard worker who works tirelessly to provide for my family. He supports and accepts me in everything that I do and I hope to make him proud one day.

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