Calla Not to Seek Another Council Term

After 14 years, Precinct 6 Councilor Linda Calla has decided to forego another term on the Town Council. As one of the longest serving councilors, Calla has worked with six town managers, six council presidents, and four boards. While she is looking forward to focusing on her real estate business full time, Calla will have no shortage of fond memories of her time in office.

“I’m proud of the development that has happened under my watch in Precinct 6,” said Calla, who has a long list of accomplishments she is grateful for. “I got to see the beach renovation come to fruition, the development of the Feldman Seaside Apartments, the transition from the Winthrop Hospital to the Arbors Assisted Living facility, the creation of the art center at the EB Newton building, Walk Winthrop, and of course the new middle and high school and Miller Field projects.”

Linda Calla

While Calla has a resume that proves her value in the town, she is most proud of her role as chair of the Public Health and Safety Committee. In 2016, Calla advocated for the creation of a peer recovery program, which now runs effortlessly thanks to the combined efforts of the Winthrop Police Department, CASA (Community Action for Safe Alternatives), the Public Health Department, and the town council. Known as CLEAR (Community and Law Enforcement Assisted Recovery), the program provides resources and services to those suffering from opioid addiction and abuse.

Calla credits Police Sgt. Sarko Gergerian, for being a major force in getting the program up and running and she has witnessed a lot of people benefiting from the program which has brought her a sense of accomplishment and pride.

“My platform was to be a voice for my precinct, and I think I followed through with that, said Calla, who plans to spend her free time traveling with her recently retired husband. “I loved my time on the council, but I think it’s time to rotate and elect someone new. I have to thank my family, constituents, friends, fellow councilors, and campaign committee for supporting me for the last 14 years.”

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