Winthrop Taxi Fares Set to Rise; Remains Best Deal

There was quiet opposition Tuesday night to the proposal to raise the Winthrop Taxi fares at the Town Council meeting. Even with the fare increase a ride in a Winthrop taxi will cost less than an Uber or Lyft ride.

Shawn Cluen, owner of Ride Right Transportation, doing business as Winthrop Taxi got approval from the Town Council Tuesday night to increase a regular fare anywhere in Winthrop to Winthrop to from $4 one way to $6 each way. For Winthrop seniors the one-way fare would be increased from $3 to $5. Another perk the taxi company would like to add is a “Senior Day” on Wednesdays when seniors pay $4 to anywhere in Winthrop from anywhere in Winthrop.

Councilor Phil Boncore conferred that an Uber or Lyft ride afrom one end of the two to the other could be $8-$10.

Senior Center Director Kathryn Dixon said the senior center runs its own 10-passenger van and only charges $3 round trip.

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