An Appreciation McDuffee: May the Road Rise to Meet You

Precinct 1 Councilor Michael McDuffee was laid to rest last Friday in the Belle Isle Cemetery after a beautiful funeral mass at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. Several hundred people filled the church, which was still decorated with poinsettia’s from Christmas, and behind the altar they formed a soft heart.

Several of the pallbearers wore black scally caps as a bagpiper played “Amazing Grace” as the casket was brought in to the church. Inside the church live music filled the church with a peacefulness.

 Attending the funeral mass were numerous friends and family, and local officials.

Rev. Matt Williams conducted a full funeral mass. Williams spoke about meeting McDuffee at the Holy Rosary Church in 1998. McDuffee introduced the priest to the delights of Chinese sausage, something he never forgot.

“That McDuffee hospitality is so much a part of who Mike was,” he said. “When I think of Mike two things jump out at me — his smile and his hands, and I think they were both expressions of his heart. He was here for his family and friends, for his community and town.”

McDuffee had just completed his first year as the Precinct 1 representative on the Winthrop Town Council.

“He was not perfect, especially in his golf game,” Williams said. “He was a good man, an awesome man, best dad, best husband.

“His smile just beautifully captured his heart,” Williams

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