Town Legal Cases Pending Resolution

The town’s three legal battles coming from the police department are still pending final resolution, and newly appointed Town Manager Austin Faison is now familiar with cases.

“I want our police department to be respected in the community and not called in to question,” Faison said.

Racow vs. Town of Winthrop is currently under appeal in court. Dalrymple vs. the Town of Winthrop is in Superior Court. An arbitrator has ruled in favor of Officer Ferruccio Romeo .

“Our lawyers are talking in all instances on how we could mediate and reach a settlement in each case,” Faison said. “I would like to see resolution as quickly as possible. I want people working here who feel safe, that people have their back. I don’t want the public’s trust in regard to the public safety department be corroded.”

In Racow vs. the Town of Winthrop, a jury awarded $2.3 million in March to police officer Judy Racow for gender discrimination and retaliation.

Damages were awarded to Racow for discrimination and/or retaliation in the amount of $676,000. The amount of punitive damages to be awarded to Racow total $1,352,000.

In Romeo vs. the Town of Winthrop, former officer Ferruccio Romeo went to arbitration and in May the arbitrator ruled that the town lacked just cause to terminate him and ordered his reinstatement with back pay.

The third case involves Sgt. Nancy Dalrymple who in 1995 filed a gender discrimination and retaliation case against the town with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

The town is being represented by attorney Howard Greenspan of Lynnfield in these legal cases.

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