A Town Treasure: Winthrop Golf Club Just Keeps Rolling Along

Head golf professional Jim Bruce and assistant professional Brent Balderston are pictured at the Winthrop Golf Club.

Head golf professional Jim Bruce and assistant professional
Brent Balderston are pictured at the Winthrop Golf Club.

Jim Bruce has been the head golf professional at the Winthrop Golf Club (WGC) for 15 years.

Bruce said interest and participation remains steady at the course that is located across the street from the future site of the new Winthrop middle/high school building.

“The golf course and greens are in terrific condition and everything has been playing great this year,” said Bruce.

Fifty-two players competed in the Summer Classic whose finals were held this past weekend. Councilor-at-Large and Attorney Phil Boncore partnered with Bob Katz, owner of Nu-Tread Tire of East Boston, in the fourball tournament.

“This is our biggest fourball tournament of the season,” said Bruce.

Bruce said a membership drive has been attracting new members. “You can come in to the club for $1,500 and no initiation. We’ve picked up 15-20 new members which helps.”

The club is the home course for the Winthrop High golf team led by coach Peter Lyons.

“The golf team plays its home matches here in the fall,” said Bruce. “They get to practice here as well. It was a great arrangement. The players used to come right out of the high school and get right on to the golf course.”

Bruce said a new generation of players is emerging at the club.

“We get the children of long-time members who are now playing golf,” said Bruce. “The golf course is part of the fabric of the town.”

One popular installation at the course has been a junior golf camp that has been attended by 35 players ages 6 to 16.

“We’re just trying to drum up community support for golf,” said assistant head professional Brent Balderston, camp coordinator

The cost of only $5 for full-on golf lessons from pros Bruce and Balderston and putting and driving contests at the club may be the best bargain in town.

“We welcome kids who want to learn to play golf,” said Balderston. “It’s the first time we’ve done it here and it’s been very popular. We’re just trying to make it a fun experience. If anyone in town has a kid that wants to learn to golf, bring them over to see us and we’ll be happy to get them involved.”

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