Ferry Service Returning: The Boat is a Great Way to Get to Boston

A mode of public transportation long-enjoyed by South Shore residents, a ferry to Boston across Boston Harbor, once again is being afforded to Winthrop residents with the resumption of ferry service for the summer season.

We honestly can say that there is no better way to commute to Boston than to take the ferry. Trading the congested, smelly streets, subways, and buses for the fresh salt air to get to work in downtown Boston is the proverbial no-brainer, as far as we are concerned.

So we hope that as many of our Boston-commuting residents as possible take advantage of the ferry service this summer. If we have large enough numbers, it might justify the state making it a year round service, which in our view would be about as big a  boon as might be imaginable for our property values and daily commuting life.

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