Election Intensifies: Interest High in Council President Race

If we may quote Kathleen Cappuccio, who wrote in her letter to the Sun-Transcript this week: “I was born and raised in Winthrop and have lived in this great town for most of my life. I cannot recall in recent years such excitement in Winthrop over a town election. It is inspiring to see so many people getting involved in our democratic process.”

The contest between incumbent Town Council President Jeffrey Turco and challenger Peter Gill has captivated many segments of our community, but especially among those who enjoy a spirited race for office and remember the enthusiasm that past races for office have generated. If you’ve been in the local coffee shops or restaurants, you can hear people discussing the election and offering their observations and predictions. There has been an increase in attendance at Town Council meetings and comments by councilors are being dissected in relation to the race for council president.

The letters to the editor have increased as residents publicly state why they’re supporting a candidate, with  residents’ comments being positive in support of one candidate or the other.

The most recent event, a campaign kickoff reception for Peter Gill, drew a large crowd Friday night at the Lodge of Elks Hall. Council President Jeffrey Turco’s earlier reception at AmVets Hall drew a solid turnout as well. At this point, we haven’t seen any poll numbers, but we can sense that this is a close election that could be determined by a candidate’s performance in the upcoming debate on October 17.

We can say without partiality that President Turco has shaken things up in town government and brought his own style to the very important and powerful position that he holds in town government. He’s made people pay attention to the actions of the Town Council and whether residents feel he has made changes for the better and deserves another term in office, or that Peter Gill is the person to lead the town in the future, will be determined at the ballot box in November.

But it certainly will be an entertaining and exciting political event and it is heartening to see so many of our fellow residents take an interest in town affairs.

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