The Debate is On: Town Council President Candidates Will Participate in a Forum on Oct. 17

We’re pleased to report that the two candidates for Council President, incumbent Jeffrey Turco and challenger Peter Gill, have agreed to participate in the Candidates Forum on Monday, October 17, that will be broadcast live on Winthrop Community Access Television (WCAT). The Winthrop Chamber of Commerce and the Winthrop Sun Transcript have joined with WCAT to sponsor this important forum.

The debate promises to be an interesting one as the candidates not only will answer questions from the panel that consists of a reporter from the Sun-Transcript and an officer from the Chamber of Commerce, but the candidates will have the opportunity to ask each other questions, a format that should create some interesting exchanges between the two candidates.

We couldn’t think of a more seasoned choice to be the moderator than WCAT’s Ron Vecchia, who has served this town well and understands the importance of this election to Winthrop’s future. We have no doubt that Ron both will ensure that the rules of the debate are followed and that the debate will be conducted fairly and in a dignified manner worthy of the high office that the two candidates are seeking and residents whose votes they are seeking.

In addition,  with WCAT executive director Mike Cabral leading the production effort, Winthrop residents can be assured that they will see a professionally executed debate that has the best lighting, sound, and camera angles.

There will be a large audience for the debate and it is sure to be a first-class television production.

Everyone in town can agree that the election for Town Council President, the most important and powerful position in our new form of government, is important to the future of the town and is shaping up as an exciting one for all residents.

It’s great to see the significant interest in this election from townspeople young and old who want to get involved in the democratic process.

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