Hurricane Forces: Winthrop Was Well Protected

We’d like to join the Town Council in commending the outstanding work by our Fire and Police Departments during the recent Hurricane Irene. Town Manager James McKenna made it a point to publicly thank Fire Chief Paul Flanagan and Police Chief Terence Delehanty during the last Council meeting. Our two public safety leaders showed exceptional leadership before, during, and after this major storm.

It’s great to know that our fire and police departments were well prepared for this emergency situation and stood ready to assist all residents and business owners.

What we’d like to know is which meteorologist or weather service that Paul Flanagan follows because he reportedly was 100 per cent on the mark in forecasting the hurricane and what its effect on Winthrop would be. (We hope that it’s Channel 7  because Winthrop has a strong connection to General Manager Chris Wayland, whose news team did a great job covering the storm.)

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