Hickey Wins Unanimous Approval as Council Clerk

The Winthrop Town council voted unanimously to appoint Kathy Hickey as the new clerk of the Town Council.

Councilor Russell Sanford, speaking on behalf of the selection committee, said that six candidates applied for the position.

Hickey currently works as a clerk in the town finance department. Councilor Jeanne Maggio felt that her knowledge of the inner workings of town government would be an asset in her new role as clerk of the Town Council.

“One of things that we have found is the ability to be able to have access that involves the town manager’s office, the town clerk’s office – it’s sort of having a knowledge of how all these offices work,” said Councilor Jeanne Maggio. “Based on that, my recommendation is for Kathy Hickey primarily because we have a candidate who has all the qualifications but that’s the little edge that I felt would really help the Council.”

Sanford said he felt confident that Hickey would be able to handle the dual positions well.

“She was very focused when she presented it to us and felt as though there would be no conflicts there,” said Sanford.

Councilor Linda Calla also praised Hickey before casting her vote for her candidacy.

“Kathy Hickey comes across as a very sincere, very honest person and she did say she would be very mindful of her position that she has at town hall,” said Calla.

Council President Jeffrey Turco asked Town Manager James McKenna whether he had any concern about the fact that Hickey held a second position in town government.

“Originally I did,” responded McKenna. “But I do see the value of what both Councilor Maggio and Councilor Calla point out – that what’s important and become very evident to us is someone that has the ability to interface with the various [town] offices on a more frequent and active basis is very vital to that position and I see the value with having that.

The clerk to the Council position pays a stipend of $5,200.

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