One Sign of Progress – Ferry service finally arrives

It often is said that the wheels of government turn slowly.

That thought was brought to mind by another story in that paper of 10 years ago in which we reported that a consultant hired by the town told the selectmen that a ferry service to Boston was a feasible proposition.

Wow, who would have thought then that it would take 10 years before the first ferries would begin sailing to Boston? However, while the fruition of that plan took longer than anyone might have imagined, that it now is a reality is owing to the tenacity and foresight of many individuals.

We want to commend Congressman Edward Markey who secured the funding for the ferry and who attended the launching ceremony Tuesday at the Town Landing, as well as Speaker Bob DeLeo and State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli and all the town officials and residents who worked for the past decade to bring a ferry service to Winthrop.

The service is now up and running daily and we hope residents, who don’t want the hassles of commuter traffic to and from Boston, will give the ferry, which is a quick 25 minute ride, a chance.

Officials also believe the ferry could spur development in the area near the landing as people from outside Winthrop may board the ferry in Boston and come here and see the sites. Perhaps the town could turn into another Rockport or Newburyport with nice shops and restaurants and festivals and concerts for tourists to enjoy.

That scenario clearly will not happen overnight, but if nothing else, the arrival of a bona fide ferry service from Boston to Winthrop (which brings back a service that operated here 100 years ago) has shown all of us that if something is meant to happen, it will.

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