Winthrop residents take part in 30th Annual Edward Snow Row

Several residents headed to Hull during last weekend’s nice weather to participate in and observe the 30th Annual Edward Snow Row Race.

Some 96 boats were registered in the race, including several from Winthrop.

As shown above, one boat belonging to Matthew Honan (which he borrowed from Lou Guarino) was christened the ‘Tink Martin’ in honor of the Sun Transcript’s longtime ‘Along the Waterfront’ writer.

Martin said she had never had a boat named after her full name. Therefore, the Honans made sure that this

year’s Snow Row had a ‘Tink Martin’ vessel.

Richard Honan said he also participated with his dog, Ruggs, in a boat called the ‘William & Anthony.’ The boat was constructed by the Honan brothers and is

named for their father, William, and grandfather, Anthony Bonzagni.

By all accounts it was the biggest Snow Row in several years.


– Seth Daniel

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