Rehab WHS? Town Council will see if it’s feasible

The Town Council approved an appropriation of $160,000 for a feasibility study and securing a project manager for potential renovations to Winthrop High School.

With Winthrop High School’s accreditation process set for 2010, school officials will likely be called upon to make renovations to the 44-year-old school facility.

Town Councillor James Letterie said the monetary figure [$160,000] is supposed to be 1.5 per cent of the total projected cost of the project.

“The MSBA [Massachusetts School Building Authority] has come in and done their scope and they say it’s potentially a $26 million project to do all the enhancements that they think could be addressed,” said Letterie.

The MSBA report is extensive and lists such areas for renovation as science labs, the lounge area, restrooms, and even Miller Field.

“If you want to get Winthrop High School to the point, where the MSBA thinks it’s state of the art, it would be $26.4 million,” said Letterie.

One area that has been cited in the past for renovation is facilities to make Winthrop High School more accessible for physically challenged individuals. “That [accessibility] project would cost $4.6 million,” said Letterie.

The councillor said Winthrop will have to make a financial commitment for renovations in order for the high school to receive accreditation.

Letterie said 50-55 per cent of the renovation project would be funded by the state.

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