The Playmakers – Theater company to spice things up with production of ‘Hair’

As the story in this week’s Sun-Transcript notes, there will be some nudity and salty language in the Winthrop Playmakers’ production of “Hair” that opens this Friday night at the Playhouse on Hermon Street.

The Playmakers are trying to capture the spirit and raw, unfettered times of the 1960s and will showcase some scenes that will surely evoke strong reaction from the audience. (Although if Andrew P. Quigley, our longtime publisher, were writing this editorial in his typical tongue-in-cheek manner, he would note that whether the audience may find the nudity offensive depends on who is playing in those scenes). The Playmakers are making every effort to let parents know that there is a scene with nudity in the play. The scene is key to depicting the theme of the play and the environment of a time of national unrest 40 years ago in this country.

People can make their own decisions about whether to attend the play. The Playmakers have worked hard throughout their history to bring superior entertainment to the Winthrop stage.

It should be noted that the Broadway play “Hair” just won a Tony Award Sunday night for “Best Revival”.

We have no doubt that the Playmakers’ production, while controversial, will be an entertaining and lively show featuring the well-known songs from a classic of our Broadway theatrical history. We hope that Winthrop residents will continue to show their support for a truly local institution and catch “Hair” while it is here.

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