Full sail ahead – The Pleasant Park Yacht Club obtains most of the permits needed for its marina expansion project

By Seth Daniel
For the Transcript

This summer could bring a pleasant surprise for the Pleasant Park Yacht Club, which is only weeks away from obtaining final approvals on its longstanding plan to expand its marina and docking facility.

Commodore Richard Barry and Club Attorney Jim Cipoletta said the Pleasant Park Yacht Club has all of its local and state permits, and is only waiting for an approval for a state Chapter 91 Waterways license.

“We have our approvals from the Army Corps [of Engineers] and the town Conservation Commission, and we’re waiting on our state Chapter 91 license,” said Barry. “We should get that mid-summer, and we will be getting going sometime around August. It’s been around 2-1/2 years in the works. There have been so many hoops to jump through.”

Cipoletta said the club will extends its marina, relocating the fueling dock and adding 37 boat slips to the facility. That will push the docking float facilities out another 200 feet into the waterway, which is what prompted so much regulatory investigation.

“It looks like this definitely will be constructed starting in early summer,” said Cipoletta. “The contracts have been signed and this is the end of the road for the permitting.”

In Winthrop, boat docking and storage is almost as valuable as solid gold bars. Barry said this would open up space for new members to join and to enjoy boating.

“We’re very excited,” said Barry. “It’s going to open up a whole new area. Down here, there’s a waiting list for a hundred years for boating slips. This will provide 37 more slips for people to store their boats and to become members of the club.”

The project is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.

Additionally, Barry said currently, there are seven slips open at the club for 25-foot boats at a very reasonable price per foot.

“It could be great for someone with a long-term commitment and who wants to join as a full-time member,” said Barry. “Anyone interested in that should act now for the 2010 season.”

The new slips at Pleasant Park are also expected to be available for the 2010 boating season.

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