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Take a Stroll Through Time: ‘Winthrop Then and Now’ Series Now in WPL Museum

Special to the Transcript

Donna Segreti Reilly was always fascinated with the “Winthrop Then and Now” newspaper series written by Town Historian G. David Hubbard with past and current pictures provided by Stephen F.  Moran.  In fact, over the years, Segreti-Reilly collected the newspaper clippings published for close to 30 years in the “Winthrop Sun Transcript.”

Displaying the “Winthrop Then & Now” series that Donna Segreti Reilly compiled are “Winthrop Sun Transcript” Editor
and President Stephen Quigley, Donna Segreti Reilly, photo provider Stephen F. Moran, Claire Hubbard, and author G. David Hubbard.

When the “Then and Now” column stopped in the latter part of 2023, Donna felt the need to both preserve the writings in some way AND make them accessible to the public. She consulted with Library Director Gregory McClay, who determined that the collection belonged in the Winthrop Public Library (WPL) Museum. That’s when, with technical assistance from Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association (WIHA) Past President Sandra Joneck Schiff, Donna chronologically compiled “Then and Now” in a display book.

On June 5th, Hubbard, Moran, Publisher and “Winthrop Sun Transcript” President Stephen Quigley, and WIHA President Michael Herbert gathered to hand over to the WPL Museum the display book compiled by Segreti-Reilly.  The collection will now be stored in the WPL Museum with both the knowledge and permission of Hubbard, Moran, Quigley, and Herbert.

“It is also important to note,” Donna said, “Winthrop Then and Now” can also be accessed via Winthrop resident  Roger Plant’s digital site  and (Archive).  People can now come to the Museum or enjoy “Then and Now” from the comfort of their own homes via the links.”

Donna Segreti Reilly thanked all the above-mentioned people for their support and contributions along with “Transcript” Managing Editor Cary Shuman, and the Hubbard and the Moran families.  “It’s a special day,“ Donna said “to contribute this unique documentation of Winthrop history to WPL Museum, especially during the celebration of the Library’s 125th Anniversary.” 

She then read G. David Hubbard’s written cover letter:

“Enclosed is a series of articles that I wrote over many years about aspects of Winthrop’s history.  I actually wrote 945 articles but have chosen, in this publication, 156 of the most popular pieces.   Over a number of years, “The Winthrop Sun Transcript” published many of my writings in the column entitled   “Winthrop Then and Now.”

Note that the historical articles were accompanied by many photos provided by Winthrop resident Stephen F. Moran.  These pictures capture the original sites and subjects and how the sites and structures appear in modern times.  My personal thanks to Stephen for providing the visuals to my written contributions.

This volume details the history of the Narrow Guage Railroad and its various Winthrop train stations, military forts, historical houses, resort hotels, connecting neighborhood stairways, great snow storms, central business areas in Winthrop Center, Metcalf Square, Magee’s Corner, Shirley Street and structures displaying varying forms of architecture. 

I hope that you will enjoy reading this compilation of “Winthrop Then and Now” articles as much as I enjoyed writing them over these many years.  Note that copies of “Then and Now” can also be found at (Archive) and

???????G. David Hubard, Town Historian

and Past President & active member of Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association”

Transcript Staff

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