Mosquito spraying requests to open soon

With the weather warming up this week, people might begin to see some mosquitoes buzzing about.

The board of health recently released information about mosquito mitigation efforts for residents through the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District.

The mosquito control organization is currently taking residential larviciding requests through its website at

Larviciding is not adulticiding, also known as spraying, but the testing and possible treatment of standing water that may be breeding mosquitoes.

The adulticiding spraying season will begin on June 6, with residents able to make requests through the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control website beginning on Sunday, June 2.

The adulticiding requests are accepted Sundays through Wednesdays at noon for service the same week.

Adulticiding is performed after sunset on Thursday evenings, although this may change to Wednesday evenings if the weather on Thursday looks unfavorable

Residents must enter a service request every week they would like to have adulticiding service

Adulticiding is the application of an insecticide to reduce adult flying mosquito populations, according to the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control website. The treatment is done by the means of a white pick-up truck, with an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) aerosol generator mounted in the bed. Pesticide applicators are equipped with an array of technical data that aids them in their application, which includes GIS mapping and a current list of the ‘Pesticide Exceptions’ registered with the state.

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