Letters to the Editor

Thank You

Dear Editor,

This is a little late, but as someone who frequents the Locust Street section of Winthrop Beach, I want to thank all involved in building a set of safe, accessible stairs to the beach.  

I have to admit that many times, we beach goers have thought Winthrop Beach to be the “stepchild” of the Mass Dept. of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).   In 2022, I did use the then unsafe stairwell, and I agreed with DCR boarding it up.  However, they never proposed anything in it’s place.  I’d like to thank Town Council President Letterie, Town Manager Anthony Marino, Rep. Jeffrey Turco, and anyone else who helped make this stairway happen.  I especially want to thank our very competent Dept. of Public Works Director Steven Calla and his hard working crew who built these stairs that perfectly align with a slanted seawall.  Not an easy task!  DCR just lately sanctioned and signed off on Town’s work.

I have also recently noticed that the beach seems to have a sufficient number of trash barrels this year.  In 2022, I called DCR to give us a much-needed barrel at the beginning of the Edward Rowe Snow path.  Nothing happened, however, this year, we got a barrel there.  In addition, the middle of the beach area between the plover section was raked and made clear for swimmers and sun bathers.  This was new.  Perhaps having former Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo as the new head of DCR has helped to make a positive difference in Winthrop Beach upkeep.

I also suggest, as a private citizen, residents can call DCR’s Community Relations line at 617-626-4973, to call attention to other needed maintenance issues involving our beloved Winthrop Beach.  But thank you all for negotiating and building that new, safe stairwell!


Donna Segreti Reilly 

Get Involved With Local Politics

Dear Editor:

I am writing today to discuss the importance of our town elections. I often hear people complaining yet don’t see many people attending the various meetings at town hall. There is usually just a few “regulars” in attendance. Todd Sacco is one of the “regulars”. He has been a member of several committees throughout the years. He believes that you cannot expect anything to change unless you’re willing to step up and change it. I love that his first priority is the children of the town. He truly loves this little town, hates the trash fee and water rates as much as I do.

He and I have lived here our entire lives. We grew up on the “Sunnyside of life” as we used to say. Sunnyside Ave. was a great spot! Lots of kids, not a lot of traffic so we could play kickball right in the middle of the street and we had the beach at the end of our street with a park! I used to walk to school with Todd’s older brother Jim and his annoying little brother.

 He’s still annoying but his heart is in the right place. And that is why I am throwing my support behind Todd Sacco who will be on the ballot this November running for the councilor at large position. I hope that my friends, and neighbors will join me.

Liz Sorrentino

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