Deane Winthrop House Garden Club Tour and Fall Introduction

Special to the Transcript

Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association’s original mission before the purchase of the historic 1637 Deane Winthrop house in 1908 was to plant trees and beautify the Town of Winthrop. Now, W.I.H.A. returns to its roots and announces the Deane Winthrop House Garden Club.

If you are passionate about gardening, would like to learn more about gardening, or just don’t have the space to enjoy it, please join us for an informational garden stroll around the Deane Winthrop House on September 23rd, from 10AM-12pm, at 34 Shirley Street, while we sip on cider and enjoy pumpkin muffins.

Be the first to learn about the fun and exciting gardening ventures and help bring back an early American landscape, which will include native wildflower plantings, pollinator gardens, crops, and wonderful garden features for the enjoyment of our members and the community.

Onsite, we currently maintain an early American Colonial Herb Garden, which was suggested by John Winthrop Sears (a direct descendant of Deane Winthrop) designed by Frank Costantino and planted by his wife, Linda Costantino, the 1993 Past President of WIHA and its members.

If you have any questions, please phone Sandy Joneck-Schiff at 617-407-3438 or Carole Brown at 978-604-5299.

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