Zenith Lodge of Odd Fellows #42 Hosts Luncheon for First Responders, and Those Displaced From the Veterans Road Fire

On April 23, 2023 a fire tore through the Veterans Road apartments and displaced over a hundred residents. Since then, the entire complex has been condemned and none of the residents can return to their homes. They have been temporally housed in different facilities. Some in Revere, some in Saugus and Peabody. This is causing more hardships for those with no transportation or cash flow.

There is more to this story, but that’s not what this is about, it’s about Zenith Lodge #42 of Winthrop, wanting to bring a little relief to those who have suffered and endured enough sine that fateful April day. Lodge members volunteered to cook, bake and volunteer their time away from their families to help those in need. Also in the mix, are those who put their lives in danger every day, protecting our homes and families, seeing that our community is safe from harm, the 1st responders.

There were not many that showed up for dinner at the lodge, because of their living geography and transportation issues. That did not stop them from having a delicious pasta and meatball dinner, with salad and dessert. Lodge volunteers delivered over 50 meals to Winthrop residents living outside the area that afternoon. Who did show up were members of the Winthrop fire and police departments, to thanks Zenith Lodge for their kindness and hard work for the community.

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