‘Eyes on Me’ Opens Up in the Winthrop Center

Master stylist Nataly Mercado will be celebrating the grand opening of her beauty supply and salon, Eyes on Me, with a ceremony on April 8, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The Winthrop resident hopes that customers will feel comfortable in her new location in the Winthrop Professional Building in Winthrop Center.

“I am super excited to be here,” said Mercado, owner. “It’s friendly and cozy.”

Master hairstylist, Nataly Mercado, Owner, Eyes on Me, and Melanie Vokey, hairdresser, with their canine friend, Onix.

Eyes on Me was established in 2010; and Mercado is delighted to be settling in her new, bright shop that includes a vertical garden with delicate, curtain fairy lights that she and her father assembled together.

Hairdresser and cosmetologist, Melanie Vokey, owner of MelRo’s Place, has joined Mercado, and will be continuing her business in the shared space.

“I want everyone to thrive,” Mercado emphasized.

Mercado has been a hair stylist for 19 years, working primarily in Winthrop; and jokes that her toughest client is her son, Jordan, a high school freshman.

“I love that I constantly get to learn. I recently went to training in mastering blondes. I have worked with different companies. I have educated people about products and haircuts. I’ve tried everything,” continued Mercado. “When you teach, you learn, too. The more I learn, the more fulfilled I feel in my career.”

In addition to being a beautician and cosmetologist, Mercado enjoys painting. One of her pieces can be viewed behind the front desk of her salon. Mercado can often be seen playing soccer with her 4-month-old Giant Schnauzer, Onix, who is being trained to become an emotional support dog.

“He’s a very good boy. He’s calm and keeps me company,” described Mercado while Onix slept at her feet. “I want him to be a therapeutic dog for all my clients. He cuddles and plays with them.”

Eyes on Me opened in its present location, 43 Putnam Street, #A, Winthrop, in March. Grand opening festivities will include a ribbon cutting at 12:30pm, and drinks, appetizers, and music beneath a tent in the parking lot. Visitors can receive 20% off haircare products, and enter to win one of two free hair makeovers by Mercado and Vokey.

“I want to have a big party because having a business is a big celebration. It’s for everyone,” exclaimed Mercado, who is inviting local business owners to leave their business cards at Eyes on Me. “It’s part of being Hispanic – it’s all about family and friends.”

Eyes on Me is open Tuesday – Friday 10am-6pm, and Saturday 10am-3pm. Visit www.EyesOnMeBeauty.com or call (617) 458-9074 to learn about services or book an appointment. 

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