Harkins receives Sabrina Feudo award at ATC moving on ceremony

Special to the Transcript

Emily Harkins has received the highly prestigious Sabrina Feudo Award at the Arthur T. Cummings (ATC) moving on ceremony.  Sabrina Feudo is the 11 year old girl from Winthrop who unexpectedly passed away in 2014. The award read as follows;

“This student puts in her best effort 100% of the time without complaining and she’s consistently willing to help anyone who might need it. She participates in activities to benefit her school and community and she is a true role mode for her peers.  All of her teachers agree that this student demonstrates every quality and shows pride. She perseveres when challenges become tough. She shows respect to all students and staff, inspires her classmates to be the best they can be, sets goals and dreams for herself that center around proving herself academically and socially and engaging in her community to make it a better place to live and grow, not only for herself but for other members of the community.”

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