Colarusso Challenges Rep. Clark to Debate

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Caroline Colarusso, Republican candidate for Congress, challenged Congresswoman Katherine Clark to hold a town hall meeting to explain her plan on lowering the price of gas.

“Where’s the relief? Where the help for families and seniors on fixed incomes? She should hold a town hall meeting to explain to the residents how she plans to end inflation. The people of this district deserve some answers as they are paying more than double for gas and grocery costs are soaring,” said Colarusso. “She can run, but she cannot hide from this issue. She supported the economy killing proposals.”

Unlike Clark, Colarusso has a plan relieve the pain at the pump. It includes:

· Reopen the Keystone pipelines along with the other pipelines that Biden shutdown.

· Pursue buying more oil from Canada.

· Reverse Biden’s stoppage of oil leases.

· Free some of the oil from reserves

· Suspend the gas tax until this crisis is over

· Stop investigating oil companies for price gouging

“Congress has spent the past week focused on January 6th. It has been a political smokescreen to ignore the price of gas now averaging $5 per gallon. We are headed to $6 to $7 per gallon and our Congresswoman doesn’t care,” said Colarusso. “As the next Congresswoman, I will stand up for hard working people of this district. Their concerns will not fall on death ears.”

When elected, Colarusso will hold quarterly town hall meetings. She will not forget the people as Katherine Clark has done.

Colarusso is community volunteer, professional manager, and a dedicated public servant. Most importantly, she is a devoted mother, and wife. Caroline is a life long Massachusetts resident, she was born and raised in Boston’s North End. For nearly three decades, Colarusso has lived in Stoneham where she and her husband moved to raise their three sons, she has been very active within the community.

Colarusso has always given back to her community. She has served as a Learn to Skate Instructor, a Stoneham Youth Hockey coach and a member of the Stoneham Youth Hockey board of directors. When the Stoneham High School Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team at Stoneham High was experiencing low participation rates, Colarusso volunteered to assist with coaching and recruiting of girls so that the program would be sustainable. Today the girls hockey team is a vibrant organization.

Before being elected to the Board of Selectmen, Colarusso served on the Finance and Advisory Board for 5 years. She earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers. Professionally, Colarusso was a Senior Manager for the United States Postal Service where she was responsible for overseeing troubled operations with multi million dollar budgets. Colarusso was tasked with turning these offices from unprofitable over to break even, and then move them towards profitability. She managed staffs of over of 100+ employees and 6-12 managers. Her work received several peformance awards.

Like so many families, Colarusso has faced some difficult challenges. For more than a decade she cared for her mother who suffered from an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s. Caroline understands the hardships so many families facing caring for a sick family member. That’s why she works so hard to support our senior population. Colarusso has spoken to many groups about the challenges of caring for a parent.

Colarusso graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emmanuel College.

To learn more about Caroline you can visit her website at

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