Winthrop Veterans Day Program

The Town of Winthrop and The American Legion Post 146 held a Veterans Day Program on November 11 at City Hall in gratitude of the men and women who served the United States of America during time of war, as well as to recognize the Police and Fire Departments.

“One hundred and two years ago on this day, 11 A.M., what we know as World War I ended in silence. No cannons roaring; no machine guns ripping; no screaming men charging,” said Stephen White, American Legion Commander. “Each soldier, Marine, airman, and guardsman who answered the call should be remembered and celebrated for their valor and sacrifice for preserving our way of life.”

Principal Speaker, David Brewin, US Navy Vietman veteran, explained what being a veteran meant to him. Brewin was a Quartermaster, and reached the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. He loved being on the Pacific Ocean, sailing by Cape Canaveral in the night, and passing through the Panama Canal.

“I learned responsibility. My job was navigation,” Brewin said. “When you’re on watch at night in the middle of the ocean, you realize all those people who are sleeping are counting on you.”

Brewin remembered taking turns washing dishes and serving food; but he was never allowed to cook any of it. He also learned that cream of wheat and grits look surprisingly similar.

True leaders, according to Brewin, are those who put the welfare of the people ahead of their own, and know that their success is based upon the success of the people.

Daughters of the American Revolution Boston Tea Party Chapter member, Susan Gerow, presented a garden plaque and wreath to commemorate the 100th anniversary of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Memorial.

“This marker was inspired by the sacred duty of the American people to never forget all those who have served and sacrificed on behalf of America in times of war or armed conflict,” said Gerow. “Its message beckons visitors to pause — and with a quiet soul — open their hearts to allow these plantings to speak. Think about those immutable truths that define us as Americans, secured by their full measure of devotion.”

The American Legion Post 146 is mailing Christmas care packages around the world for the 19th year; and currently sends gifts to locations such as Egypt, Latvia, Poland, and Kuwait. Vietnam Veteran Richard Honan reminded listeners that packages can be sent to any man or woman serving oversees; not only Winthrop residents. For more information, contact The American Legion Post at (617) 846-2786, Richard Honan, or Rose Mazzuchelli, at (617) 846- 0402.

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