Walk With Ease program moves and motivates

For the past 16 months, the pandemic has restricted us from being as mobile as we would like to be, affecting our activity.  To get moving safely, Mystic Valley Elder Services is pleased to offer a fun, easy way to add more steps to your day and feel better about yourself.

The Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease program is designed to help older adults living with arthritis better manage their pain and for those without arthritis who want to make walking a regular habit. The program motivates individuals to make walking an important part of everyday life. Shown to reduce pain and increase balance and walking pace, Walk with Ease provides participants with the information and tools they need to develop a safe exercise routine that fits their unique needs and goals.

This free 6-week program has been developed by the Arthritis Foundation and is being offered in cooperation with Springfield College.  Participants will receive a free Walk With Ease workbook as well as free individual phone or virtual coaching with a physical therapy student for the duration of the program.

Benefits to you by participating in the Walk With Ease program:

• Motivate yourself to get in great shape

• Walk safely and comfortably

• Improve your flexibility, strength and stamina

• Reduce pain and feel great

Space is limited so sign up today!  Please make sure you consult with your primary care provider before starting any new fitness program.  To find out more about the criteria and to register for the program, please contact Donna Covelle at [email protected] or 781 388-4867.

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