Sen. Boncore Confirms Candidacy for Mass Biotech Council Position

State Sen. Joseph Boncore of Winthrop confirmed Wednesday that he is a finalist for a position with the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council. Boncore said he has had “a few meetings” with the Council.

“I am still the state senator for Suffolk and Middlesex representing the cities that I’ve grown to love over the past five years in the State Sen-ate,” said Boncore. “I am a finalist for a job with the Massachusetts Bio-technology Council and pursuing that and having discussions with them. That’s really the extent of what I can discuss today, but if anything changes in my situation, the people in my district will be the first to know.”

Asked if there were a timetable for his decision, Boncore replied, “I’ve made the decision to pursue this job and have discussions with Mass Bi-otech. We’ll take it a day at a time and see where that takes us.”

Boncore has served as state senator for the district since 2016 when he won a special election for the seat previously held by Anthony Petruccelli.

Among the candidates reportedly considering a run for the seat are Boston District 1 Councillor Lydia Edwards, Revere  Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito, Revere School Committee member Anthony D’Ambrosio, State Rep. Adrian Madaro, and Democratic State Committeeman Juan Pablo Jaramillo.

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