Delehanty, Rollins Hold Joint Press Conference in Town

Special to The Transcript

Winthrop Chief of Police and Interim Town Manager Terence Delehanty and Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins participated in a July 7 press conference in Winthrop to discuss the writings and comments of Nathan Allen, who killed two Winthrop residents in a June 26 incident in the town.

“These writings and comments were despicable and do not represent the people of Winthrop or the community of Winthrop,” said Delehanty. “Nathan Allen was here for a short period of time. He didn’t grow up here. He didn’t go to the school here. And he’s not a product of Winthrop.”

Delehanty said the Winthrop Police had no interaction with Allen prior to the incident.

The chief added that the Winthrop Police Department is working with residents of the community “who have been shaken by these events.” The WPD is also collaborating with other law enforcement agencies on security plans for the Winthrop schools and other institutions in the town.

Delehanty credited Winthrop Superintendent of Schools Lisa Howard for her assistance in reaching out to schoolchildren who were affected by the June 26 tragedy.

“We had kids who were in the middle of the chaos on that day,” said Delehanty. “Supt. Howard’s help has been great, coordinating with [Public Health Director] Meredith Hurley so there’s no duplication of services and everyone is working on the same issues.”

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