Trident Avenue Friends Persevere Through Time and Distance for Community

Special to the Transcript

Robert Capezza and Bobby Graziano were lost to the Winthrop Community over the years. They were part of a group of Winthrop friends from the Trident Avenue neighborhood. This group of friends keeps in contact with each other during the year,  even though they or some, do not live in Winthrop anymore.  They now meet twice a year, in June and at Thanksgiving time.  In June of each year, they meet at the Winthrop Golf Club, play a round of golf and honor their friend’s memory. The June dinner has evolved into a personal trophy presentation, to a member of the group. The previous year’s recipient, picks one of the friends as his successor, based on his outstanding community service to his friends and family throughout the year. His covers a wide selection of choices, from arranging the dinner, scholarship selection or helping in a community event.

It’s June 2021, Covid restrictions are lifted, and the Trident Avenue Friends are once again at the Winthrop Golf Club, for their annual round of golf, drinks and dinner, and re-membering their friends past and present.

The Trident Avenue Friends also meet in November, on or about Thanksgiving. They once again meet at the Winthrop Golf Course for dinner and friendship, and to recall the years trials and tribulations.

The Trident Avenue Friends also provide a $1,000 scholarship in the name of Bobby “The Captain” Capezza to a Winthrop High School graduate.

The last recipient of the “Friends” award was in 2019, that was Buzzy Rouillard, 2020 was lost due to the pandemic. Keeping with tradition, Buzzy Rouillard passed on the “trophy” to Charlie MacDonald for 2021.

Congratulations to Charlie MacDonald, and all the members of the Trident Ave crew, for keeping their friendship alive and remembering their roots as friends.

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