Northeast Metro Tech Class of 2021 Graduation

Superintendent-Director David DiBarri and Principal-Deputy Director Carla Scuzzarella are pleased to announce the graduation of the 301 students in Northeast Metro Tech’s Class of 2021.

Northeast Metro Tech held four mini-graduation ceremonies, two each on Thursday, June 3 and Friday, June 4, smaller events planned before the state lifted its COVID-19 restrictions. Each ceremony contained graduates from four of the school’s 16 Career Technical Education paths.

Graduates in each ceremony walked on to the School football field to different music, from the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” to the classic Queen song “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Superintendent DiBarri praised students for their commitment to Career Technical Education amid the trying times of a pandemic.

“You are resilient, capable, and hopeful — exactly what the world needs right now. With a career and technical education, you have a leg up. You have industry knowledge and hands-on experience that many of your peers don’t have,” Superintendent DiBarri told graduates. “I firmly believe that each one of you has tremendous potential, and that your futures are bright.”

Superintendent DiBarri then challenged graduates to reflect on the dreams they had during a year-plus of COVID-19 restrictions, and to run toward those dreams in the coming year.

Principal Scuzzarella spoke about the return to a post-COVID-19 world and about interpersonal contact, and how the Class of 2021 remained resilient.

“You have been truly tested, and you have not faltered,” Principal Scuzzarella said. “As the sign at the bottom of the hill says: You are on your way!”

Valedictorian Victoria Vieira, a drafting and design student from Revere, reflected on the journey of the past four years. She then quoted Albert Einstein: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned in high school.

Vieira continued: “Although we many not always remember how to read old English or how to balance chemical equations, we must remember our determination and the obstacles we have overcome. I urge you to continue taking that step forward, no matter how cumbersome life appears.”

Salutatorian Victoria Fama, a drafting and design student from Malden, spoke about the obstacles the Class of 2021 overvcame.

“Our time at Northeast has brought us opportunities to be mentored by understanding teachers, build lifelong bonds with our peers, and even find a sense of who we are as individuals,” Fama said.

Class President Anna Falasca, an early childhood education student from Saugus, focused on the unexpected lessons learned along the way.

“Class of 2021, you have taught me so much in a short time: Strength, determination, perseverance, and how to avoid Zoom,” she said. “We’re going to have one crazy story to tell one day.”

The first of four graduations included a surprise presentation. Bryan Garosano, an HVAC student from Exeter, N.H. and formerly of Wakefield, was presented his diploma by his brother, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Kevin Garosano. Sgt. Garosano, an armored crewman currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, and a nine-year military veteran, had been home visiting his family a few weeks ago. The surprise of his return was well-kept.

“He thinks I’m working,” Sgt. Garosano said, referring to his brother, before the surprise. 

Sgt. Garosano sat behind the stage, appearing when his brother’s name was announced. The brothers hugged as Kevin presented Bryan his diploma.

The following East Boston residents have graduated in the Northeast Metro Tech Class of 2021.

• Isaiah Bennett

• Adam Harrison

• Evelyn Hescock

• Christian Locke

• Brady McKinley

• Isabella Minnig Caceres

• Ariana Mitchell

• Laci Renna

• Anthony Rizzotto

• Andrew Ronan

• Mya Seested

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