ConsComm Approves Pruning, Removal of Trees

The Winthrop Conservation Commission approved the application of Mark Kozikowski of 77 Harborview Ave. to prune the native trees and selectively remove the exotic trees and shrubs that affect the viewshed of his property at its November 18 meeting.

“The intent is to trim out the exotic trees and to get ground cover growing, as there is concern over ground erosion,” Kozikowski noted.

“The slope is steep and it is fine to trim.  But only trim what has been flagged and do not take out the roots,” Commissioner Brian Corbett pointed out.

In another matter, the commissioners heard the request from Paul Leavy to demolish both the greenhouse and shed that are located on his property at Ace Hardware at 65 Main Street and replace them with larger versions. 

The new greenhouse would be 600 square feet, as opposed to the present 522 square-foot space, and the new garage would be 1000 square feet with a second floor for storage for seasonal items, as opposed to the current 550 square-foot structure. The construction of a 1000 square-foot shed already has been approved by the Board of Appeals.

Erik Bredanese, speaking for Ace Hardware, noted that there would be a 500-gallon dry well to collect the runoff from the roofs.  

Commission Chairperson Karen Winn was concerned about debris from demolition of the structures, since the site borders a wetland. Contractor Russ Sanford noted that the greenhouse is constructed of pipes and plastic, while the shed is made of plywood and two-by-fours. He added that both structures will be taken down by hand to minimize debris that might stray from the immediate site.

Corbett noted that there is no current drainage for the parking area. Leavy responded that the parking lot is pitched toward the street. Leavy said there will be electricity for both buildings and water for the greenhouse. There would be no indoor plumbing in the garage. The hearing then was closed and the commission took the matter under advisement.

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