Schisler Remembered for Momma’s Bracelets

It’s been one year since longtime resident, Florence M. Ballem Schisler passed away, however; her legacy lives on in a video that her daughter Joanne DeMato made and sent into the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The video, titled “Momma’s Bracelets,” showcases Florence’s love of making people happy.

When Florence lost her beloved bracelet while she was in surgery seven years ago, she decided to take it upon herself to make a new one, and with that, she began “Momma’s Bracelets,” making and giving away bracelets and spreading smiles everywhere she went.

“My mother endured a lot of physical pain, but she never showed it, she was just happy to be alive and happy to be spreading smiles with her bracelets,” said DeMato, who remembers her mother giving out the homemade bracelets to restaurant servers and Walmart cashiers. “Everywhere she went, for seven years, she gave those bracelets away and made people so happy.”

While DeMato never heard back from the Ellen DeGeneres Show, she continues to hear stories from Winthrop residents, about how her mother impacted their lives.

To view the video, you can search for Momma’s Bracelet’s in YouTube.

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