Beloved Mailman Tom Vreeland Is Remembered by Community

Last Sunday, October 18th, Winthrop lost beloved mail carrier, Tommy Vreeland. At just 46-years-old, Vreeland passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. As the only child, he leaves behind a mother who thought the world of him and many friends in the community who will forever remember his fun-natured personality. For over 20 years, Vreeland worked as a utility carrier, delivering mail to every corner of Winthrop at one point or another, while building friendships along the way.

Close friend of 20 years, Rich Harkins has set up a GoFundMe to help Vreeland’s mother with funeral expenses.

Tommy Vreeland.

“If you were lucky enough to call him a friend, you know what an amazing human being he was,” said Harkins, who described Vreeland as a quiet, kind soul to everyone. “If you needed anything, he was there without question. If you needed an extra person for softball, pool, fantasy football or anything else, Tommy would always be in. If you were having a fundraiser for your kid or any other cause, he would have his wallet out before you could finish your sentence. Even in today’s cynical world, I never heard a bad word about anyone come out of his mouth and he always had a smile on his face, never taking himself too seriously. He loved his local sports teams and traveling with his friends to go watch them in other stadiums. He loved life and lived it as such.”

The many residents who knew Vreeland, remember him as someone who would always say hello and keep tabs on how your family was doing. He was someone who would memorize your kids’ names and stop to play basketball with them.

“Tommy was the epitome of the friendly, caring, small town mail carrier,” said resident, Sue Griffiths. “He knew your name, your dog’s name and that your dad was “looking good” because he had just finished chatting with him about the Patriots. His smile will be missed by the many Winthropites he both served and befriended.”

Harkins hopes that the GoFundMe will help relieve some of the financial burden on Vreeland’s mother, who Vreeland took care of since his father passed away ten years ago.

To donate to the GoFundMe, please go to:

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