Letter to the Editor

President or Pretense

Dear Editor:

What is driving our Presidential choices? If your choice is President Trump you would likely support a growing economy, strong police departments, powerful military, safe cities and neighborhoods, low unemployment, a globally competitive business sector, full civil rights protection, energy independence, a growing manufacturing base and a Constitutional America.

If your choice is Biden, you probably don’t believe he is capable of serving a four year Presidency. So who will rule? Will it be Kamala Harris, the most extreme Leftest in the US Senate or will it be some behind the scenes “straw.” In either case we should expect de-funded police, socialized healthcare, increased taxes, no national borders, anti-capitalist de-growth policies, a Supreme Court no longer independent, the Green New Deal and a steady march to a repressive totalitarian government.

Think seriously before casting your vote. It will decide whether America continues to be “the shining city on the hill,” or another socialist oligarchy. Our future is in your hands. 

Paul Caruccio

Chairman Winthrop Republican Town Committee­­

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