Girl Scouts to Hold Open Registration for New Members

Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) opens registration for new members with a mix of programming that features virtual and in-person meetings and activities.

Girl Scouts offers a place where girls can find community, solidarity, leadership opportunities, and fun, despite the challenging moment we are all collectively living through. Right now, girls are facing unprecedented challenges of hybrid education, the isolation that comes with social distancing, and some are feeling their families’ financial stress as jobs are interrupted or terminated. Moreover, girls are grappling with racial injustice and learning to navigate their role in the future of social equality.

“As a non-profit, youth-serving organization, the opportunities we provide girls and their families is critical to the future of girls’ leadership,” said Caitriona Taylor, CEO, GSEMA. “Girl Scouts is, as it always has been, the organization best positioned to help girls develop the competencies they need to become the next generation of leaders that will change the world in big and small ways. We are a diverse organization that stands for empowering ALL girls—in every community, from every background and every ability, and in every economic circumstance—to create the change they want to see in the world.”

In particular, Girl Scouts impacts girls’ abilities to step outside their comfort zones, manage healthy relationships, and be civically engaged in their communities. Research shows that Girl Scouts across age levels fare better than non-Girl Scouts with regard to five leadership outcomes—all of critical importance in our current reality. Girl Scouts helps girls:

•Develop a strong sense of self

•Display positive values

•Seek challenges and learn from setbacks

•Form and maintain healthy relationships

•Learn to identify and solve problems in their community

New Girl Scout troops are forming now, meeting online and in-person, and spending lots of time exploring the outdoors. Girl Scout membership dues are $40 per girl (financial aid is available). In-person troop meetings and activities follow current CDC and GSEMA guidelines. To learn more about joining, call 844-306-4736, email [email protected], or visit

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