The Course of History: Rand Sets New Winthrop Golf Course Record

Jake Rand won the prestigious Bentley Swift Cup at Winthrop High School. He was the Most Valuable Player  in the Northeastern Conference for golf.

Put those two achievements together – best all-around athlete and best golfer – along with an excellent career at Endicott College – and very good things can happen on a golf course.

And that’s exactly what transpired on Sept. 17 at the Winthrop Golf Club when Jake Rand put together an amazing 18-hole round of 62, breaking the course record by Ronnie Hayes that had stood for 62 years.

WGC Head Golf Professional Ed Montone, who was Rand’s teammate in Peter Lyons’ WHS golf program, was not surprised that Rand was the one to set the record.

“I’m not surprised at all – I knew it was only a matter of time,” said Montone. “It was quite a special moment for us at the club because Jake and I have been through it all as teammates and playing against each other. We basically grew up playing the game together when were 14 years old. If I wasn’t going to be myself, I’m happy that it’s him who broke the record.”

Eleven Birdies and a Clutch Finish

Jake Rand, 28, was playing in a foursome with Mike Vatalaro, Brian Sullivan, and Frank Ciampa when lighting struck during a regular Thursday afternoon round.

Rand, who is 6 feet tall, had 11 birdies and three bogeys. At one point, he buried five consecutive birdies. He came within two feet of a hole-in-one on the 155-yard, sixth hole.

“I was 7-under at one point, so I was aware that the record was within reach – the word was out,” said Rand. “I knew I had to go birdie-birdie on the last two holes to break it.”

Rand hit a clutch 8-footer on the final hole to break the record with a score of 8-under par. “The guys in my foursome knew and they were great sports about it,” said Rand. “The whole experience was incredible. The older members have been congratulating me. I’m so proud to see the record up on the board outside the pro shop.”

Rand is a power hitter who averages 300-315 yards off the tee. “I’d say that’s the strongest part of my game, my distance off the tee. I use Mizuno irons and a Taylor Made driver.”

Vatalaro, a former Salem State shortstop, said of Rand’s record-setting performance, “Jake was unbelievable. The hole when he was putting was huge. He made great shots but he made unbelievable putts. We were all aware during the round that the record was a possibility. He was red hot. Honestly,m I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s a really good golfer.”

Rand had praise for his friend, Ed Montone, who is doing a superb job in his first year as WGC head professional. “Eddie’s awesome. It’s been great for the course. The course needed someone like Eddie to come in and give it some new life and some young blood in there. It’s been awesome.”

Earning 12 Letters at Winthrop High

Jake Rand graduated from Winthrop High in 2011. He was the No. 1 golfer and a captain for the Vikings in his final two seasons and played four varsity seasons of ice hockey and tennis, also captaining those teams.

He went on to play four years of golf and ice hockey

at Endicott, helping the Gulls qualify for the NCAA Division 3 Golf Nationals in Greensboro, N.C. He received a degree in Business Management and currently works at Massport Authority.

Jake is the son of David Rand and Linda (Gobiel) Rand and the nephew of legendary Winthrop gymnastics coach Peter Gobiel. His sister, Britney Rand, is a personal trainer who owns Stronger By Design, a personal training and nutrition business.

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