Robbie Donovan Wins First Place in Statewide Invention Challenge

On August 13th, rising third grader Robbie Donovan, received a call that he will likely remember for the rest of his life. On the other end of the line was Ardith Wieworka, Director of the Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership, calling to inform Robbie that he was the first place winner of the Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge.

The eight-year-old was recently entered into the state-wide contest as part of a product that he invented at the 21st Century’s Entrepreneur Club this summer. The product, appropriately named “Fun Brushes,” was derived from Robbie’s dislike of brushing his teeth and includes two teeth molds, toothpaste, a rinse cup and soap, perfect for brushing on the go.

“I couldn’t believe I won,” said Robbie, who immediately wrote an acceptance speech, highlighting everyone who played a role in the success of the invention.

During a virtual ceremony attended by Robbie’s grandparents, Precinct 5 Councilor, Pete Christopher, and 21st Century teachers, Connie Grayson and Cathy DelVento, Robbie was awarded a new iPad for winning the contest.

Robbie was praised for his efforts and teachers Karen Mauro and Karen Bryant, are planning to help him organize and lead an afterschool Entrepreneur Club at the Arthur T. Cummings School this fall.

Fun Brushes, which were designed to make brushing on the go easier, is still a prototype, however; Robbie is in the process of finding a solid manufacturer to produce a market-ready product of which he can be proud.

For more information on Fun Brushes, you can view the website that Robbie made as part of the project:

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