4XVR Offers a Safe Escape in the Center of Town

You no longer have to go far or risk your health to escape. In fact, you can explore and travel faraway places, make your way through a haunted house, ride a rollercoaster, battle zombies, and operate a race car right in Winthrop Center. 4XVR (Virtual Reality) is making it easy for people of all ages to be entertained during a time when parks are shut down and plane rides are off limits.

Located at 44 Woodside Ave, 4XVR is the first of its kind in the area. Whether you are 5 or 105, the socially distanced virtual reality pods and two seated stations offer over 250 virtual games spanning a variety of genres. Each guest is given a sanitized headset and two controllers that allow them to see and experience things in a totally immersive way.

 “We put my dad in front of the Vatican, and he was in complete awe,” said owner Andrea Cirelli. “He loved exploring the area. He is 89 years old and has always wanted to see The Great Wall of China, that’s next for him and he won’t need to pack a bag or need a plane ticket.”

4XVR gives you the opportunity to go virtually anywhere in a world where the majority of entertainment has been cancelled. The couches and large screens allow you to see what the user is seeing, and the private setting offers an opportunity to get out with friends and family while staying safe. The staff follows strict sanitization and safety standards, social distancing protocols and masks are required.

Owned and operated by Michael Clark and Andrea and Donny Cirelli, 4XVR is more than just games.

“We even offer VR training and educational experiences,” said Andrea. “There are so many types of content for educators, trainers, first responders, professional services, safety and more. What we have seen is truly amazing and can complement current curriculum and training in a way that engages and astounds. We offer team building, corporate events, birthday parties and more recently, a graduation party.”

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