Sean Driscoll Features Teams in the Summer Parks Program

Meet the Blue Racers

The Racers, consisting of 6-and-7-year-old campers, are having a great summer in what has been ideal weather for outdoor activities at the park. The team seems to enjoy arts and crafts the most, although sports and games are also popular.

Olexis Tallent, Gianna Knapp, Jimmy and Christian all received votes for “Favorite Staff” – hey, what about some votes for the great high school football coach in charge of the program?

They really like living in Winthrop, especially the beach and a big vote was cast for Twist and Shake for ice cream.

Here are the Racers’ responses to the question: What is Your favorite camp activity (FCA)?

Ben: Playground

Joseph: Playing Football

Avery: Arts and Crafts

Kourtney: Arts and Crafts

Zachary: Arts and Crafts

Charlie: Sports and Games

Ella: Snack Time

Meet the Green Knights

The Knights, ages 8-11, like their sports, and Winthrop sure is a sports-minded town. Camp instructors Mark Amatucci, Sid Albert, and Anthony Conner all received votes for “Favorite Staff” though one camper voted for two instructors – which would make them “co-favorites,” I guess.

When asked what the best part of living in Winthrop was, one beautiful response was: “Everything.” Another great response: “The people are really nice and I like the beach.”

Here are the Knights’ responses to the question: What is your favorite camp activity (FCA)?

 Dennis: Sports and Games

Maxx: Tennis

Dylan: Playground

Lucas: End-of-the-day free-time Charlie: Sports and Games

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