School Committee Adapts to Remote Learning

At last week’s school committee meeting, Superintendent Lisa Howard shared some updates to the revised remote learning plan, along with other pertinent information.

Teachers and staff members reviewed the 72-page revised plan that offers suggestions and guidance for remote learning. In terms of technology, Howard said the district has been meeting the needs of all families that have reached out for help and teachers have been proactive about reaching out to those in need.

“This is a plan that has been built from scratch and we’ve gone from a traditional classroom setting to a virtual one,” said Howard.

The new plan offers guidance to maintain accountability and a more convenient approach to remote learning. If a teacher notices that students are not engaging on the computer or on the classroom platforms, there is a process where parents are contacted by phone. Teachers have also started videotaping lessons and posting them so students can view them at their convenience.

“We are very mindful that students cannot engage equally at the same time every day and with parents working at home and utilizing the technology for work video conferencing, it can be challenging, especially for younger students who need parental support to engage in learning.”

Howard said that a loss of learning in all or some of the students is anticipated due to the non-traditional learning modes. By the time the new school year starts, students will have been out of the physical learning environment for nearly six months.

“It has been difficult for many students to switch to a different style of teaching where no one is corralling you back into your seat and asking you to finish an assignment and answer and clarify questions in the moment. The loss of immediate feedback has presented a difficult curve for students and teachers.”

The new remote learning plan will be in place if it is needed and it can be tweaked going forward.

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